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​Monthly PMS (Pretty Miserable Situation) or Menopause & what helps ease this naturally!

Posted by Linda S. Morgan on

From puberty through menopause about 75% of Western women experience some significant health challenges during their monthly cycle. This premenstrual syndrome or PMS usually happens 7-10 days prior to the start of menstruation.

Suffering from PMS, for a week every month, equals up to 3 months of unnecessary misery!

A syndrome is not really a specific disease but a term used to describe a broad health problem with multiple causes and symptoms. This can easily be corrected with proper diet, lifestyle changes, the needed supplements/herbs and possibly natural hormones.

Researches have identified 4 main types of PMS (A,C,D & H) and 2 minor types (P &S). When the type of PMS is identified it makes figuring out a plan of action much easier since each woman’s needs will be a little different. (see our website Blog for specifics on these)

PMS Type A for Anxiety is the most common (high levels of estrogen and low levels of progesterone). Symptoms include anxiety, irritability, anger, mood swings and nervous tension. 

Supplements: Liver BalanceIndole-3 CarbinolPro-Yam CreamC-XWild Yam & Chaste TreeAnxiousLessNutri-Calm

PMS Type C for Cravings for sweets and chocolate since the blood sugar tends to drop significantly between ovulation and the start of menses; this extra refined sugar can cause fatigue. 

Supplements: Magnesium ComplexEvening Primrose Oil or Black Current OilVitamin B6ZincGTF ChromiumSuper Algae

PMS Type D for Depression; anxiety, possibly rage, confusion, forgetfulness, crying and accident prone, many even feel suicidal during this time.  Too much progesterone depresses the brain.

Supplements: Black CohoshFlash-EaseMood ElevatorMega-ChelAlgin

PMS Type H for Hyperhydration; or water retention; excessive hormone Aldosterone made by Adrenal Glands; associated with high levels of estrogen and/or low levels of Magnesium.  Drink plenty of water.

Supplements: Magnesium and Vitamin B6 together, Vitamin EEvening Primrose OilChinese Kidney Activator

PMS Type P for Pain; in joints, lower back, abdomen or head caused by pro-inflammatory prostaglandins.

Supplements: Super Omega-3 EPAIF ReliefCurcumin BPFemale ComfortCramp ReliefMagnesium Complex

PMS TypeS for Skin; outbreaks of acne due to high levels of androgens (male hormones) produced in response to stress. The liver is also involved; detoxifying the body is recommended.

Supplements: BP-X or Ayurvedic Skin Detox

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding is another problem associated with the monthly cycle. You may wish to notify your doctor if you experience any of these: low thyroid activity, infections in the reproductive organs, stress, excessive weight, fibroids, polyps, endometriosis or excessive estrogen and deficient progesterone.

Menstrual Reg helps to directly control bleeding and adjust hormone levels from the pituitary gland. It can be used with extra Yarrow if needed for excessive bleeding or uterine fibroids. If extremely heavy bleeding occurs, Bayberry and Capsicum can be useful in slowing down the blood flow.

Helpful Dietary and Lifestyle changes: Clean Eating or a proper diet can be very helpful with many health issues. With PMS, the liver can become over burdened and struggle with eliminating excess hormones. 

By removing excessive chemical toxins from the diet and adding good nutrients, missing from our processed foods, the body can begin to function as designed.

Get at least 30 minutes of Exercise, 3 days a week, to help improve your overall health and mood.

Stress contributes to water-retention and loss of magnesium during PMS. Schedule time to unwind, practice deep/slow breathing. Consider taking Nutri-Calm or Stress-J to help relieve stress.

Drink at least 1-2 quarts of plain water daily to hydrate your body. This will help the body to detox, relax and even improve your sleep. This is necessary even if you have that uncomfortable feeling with water retention.

Eliminate those toxic chemicals that mimic the action of estrogen in the body, called Xenoestrogens (from plastic containers, some cosmetics, pesticides, agricultural chemical and the hormones fed to animals find their way into eggs/dairy/meat products). Eating as much organic food as possible and avoiding those plastic containers especially with hot food is a great start. It’s not a good idea to freeze food/drinks in plastic either.

Build up the Liver: Chinese Blood Stimulator can help in detoxifying that over burdened and toxic liver. Combining this with Magnesium and B6 can comfort those who have PMS and heavy menstrual bleeding. Liver Balance is another Chinese formula for PMS sufferers who have feelings of irritability and anger.

It’s time to take your life back and stop the suffering each month!

Basic Supplements for PMS symptoms:

Magnesium is important for hormone production and breakdown.

Vitamin B6 is critical for hormonal and neurotransmitter regulation; 

usually a deficiency with PMS sufferers.

Evening Primrose Oil or Black Currant Oil has the fatty acid GLA 

which is very helpful for many women.

Resources: The Complimentary Guide to Nature's Sunshine Products, 6th Edition by Steven Horne and Kimberly Balas; 

Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Tori Hudson, ND; Women's Herbs Women's Health by Christopher Hobbs and Kathi Keville

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