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Your body demands a specific amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids on a regular consistent basis to maintain good health.  How much Vitamin A did you get from your diet yesterday? Last Week?  What about Manganese?  Iron?  Tracking and confirming you are getting the right amount of all of these nutrients on a regular basis is basically impossible. 

Trying to solve the complex requirements of our body is challenging but vital for our good health.  What happens if you don’t get the nutrients your body requires?  Bad health, chronic ailments and illness, sickness, and disease. 

What is the solution? Make sure your diet provides all the nutrition you need on a regular basis.   To help make sure you are getting all the nutrients needed supplement your diet with Daily Immunity Booster.   Fill in the gaps your diet leaves with a natural high quality supplement that includes a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.  Providing your body with the proper nutrition allows it to work  the way it should. 

All the Juicy Details

You are only as young as your immune system.  As you age your body naturally produces less cells.  With a healthy immune system you can slow down the effects of aging on your body and keep your energy levels.  With an unhealthy immune system you can develop chronic diseases, more frequent infections and other severe symptoms.   Keeping your immune system healthy should be a top priority.  Here is how Daily Immunity Booster can help.   

Developed by scientists in the 1960’s, Daily Immunity Booster was formulated to help the entire process from Digestion to eliminating the harmful cells from your body through antioxidants.  It was developed to help your immune system work the way it should, rather than patch or band aid a solution.  If the entire process of digestion, hormone creation, metabolic process, immune system and energy creation are  balanced, your body will absorb the nutrients and provide energy and good health.  If part of the system isn’t working correctly or is not getting the nutrients you need, the entire system will be affected. 

How can you ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to have a healthy immune system and maintain overall good health?  There are several main elements that can help this to happen:

Consistently Feeding your body the proper nutrients

Your body needs proper nutrients on a regular consistent basis.  There are two main problems with the current diets of people in today’s society.  Problem number one, your diet is adequate enough and doesn’t provide the nutrition that your body demands to be healthy.  The second problem is our diet is a roller coaster, sometimes we feed our immune system everything it needs other times we starve it for days, weeks or even months.  These periods of time that starve our immune system and our other systems from what we need can cause short-term or long-term health problems.  Sometimes the negative side effects happen immediately and other times it can take a while for them to present themselves. Can we avoid these side effects and illnesses?

Think of your dieting habits.  What foods do you eat?  What foods do you avoid?  Do you know if you are getting the sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins?  In most cases there are two main types of diets in society:

The Average Person

The average person typically chooses a diet, where they eat the same foods over long periods of time. You get stuck in your rut and like to stay there, eat at the same restaurants and order the same food at those restaurants. You purchase the same groceries and make mainly the same meals. The potential problem this creates is if your current food choices lack the nutrition your body needs, your body could go long periods without getting the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids it demands. Most likely you haven’t done all the work and calculations to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need. If deficiencies last over a long period of time, it will causes bigger issues and potentially, chronic illnesses. Too often, the easy foods to prepare and eat are the ones that lack the nutrients we need to sustain great health.

The Fad Dieter

The second diet is the person that jumps on the latest craze diet, from Atkins, to keto, veganism, vegetarianism, south beach diet, whole 30, to name a few. Whether they help you lose weight or not, is not the issue, but are you getting the proper mixture of vitamins and minerals needed for your body so you don’t create deficiencies? Many of the diets limit to specific types of foods that may not provide all the specific combinations of nutrients your body demands.

I’m not saying to not diet or try new solutions for weight loss. Developing consistent eating habits and food preferences is part of life. The solution is to supplement any diet with Daily Immunity Booster. It can help fill the gaps, if your current diet isn’t getting the job done. Keeping your immune system and body healthy should be one of our top priorities, but too many times stress, work, family, or other aspects of life distract our focus. How many times have you woken up in the morning or come home with the idea to eat healthy, only to find yourself buried in a bowl of ice cream or bag of candy. It happens, but without supplementing our poor diet, you are starving your body of critical nutrients needed.

Why does your body Need Consistent Nutrients?

Your immune system is one of the most complex and integrated systems not only in the human body, but in the world. Your body creates and destroys over 330 billion cells on a daily basis. These cells help build the body’s muscles, brain function, organs and much more, as well as repair or eliminate damaged and harmful cells. The creation and removal of these cells demand a combination of nutrients on a daily basis. It is through the development and elimination of cells that your immune system does the hard work to keep your body healthy. Here is how the process works:


The first step in the immune system is digestion. 90% of digestion happens in the lower intestine and 70% of your immune system is located in the small intestine. Digestion is the process of taking the food and vitamins you eat and breaking them down into small parts and turn them into cells. Your body absorbs these cells and uses them for energy, growth, and cell repair. Additionally, these cells provide the essential processes in your body: hormone and energy creation, metabolism development, the immune system and elimination of cells through antioxidants.


How Daily Immunity Booster helps?

Scientists have found that the following ingredients in Daily Immunity Booster help support your digestion, supporting your body to break down the food and maximize the nutrition provided to the rest of the body.

Betaine HCl – provides extra hydrochloric acid in the stomach to promote digestive processes

Bromelain – digestive enzyme to promote the metabolism of protein

Diastase – digestive enzyme to promote the metabolism of carbohydrates

Inositol – promotes the digestion of fats, supports the cardiovascular and nervous systems, promotes healthy cell growth, supports healthy mental well-being

L-Methionine – essential amino acid (can’t be produced in the body), essential building block for protein, helps process and eliminate fat, supports cardiovascular and muscular function

PABA – enhances use of protein in the body, supports red blood cell formation

Papain – digestive enzyme to promote the metabolism of protein

Zinc – support for digestion and metabolism, support for healing


Digestion directly leads to your metabolism, which is the process of breaking down food into nutrients which the body uses for energy growth and cell repair. A healthy metabolism can burn more calories helping with weight loss and producing more energy for your immune system to work as it should.

How Daily Immunity Booster helps?

The following ingredients were added to the formula to help increase your metabolic function. A healthy metabolism will give the fuel needed for a healthy immune system and body.

Folate – red blood cell formation, protein metabolism, cell division and growth, good heart health

Lipase – digestive enzyme to promote the metabolism of lipids (e.g. triglycerides, fats, oils)

Niacin – carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, circulation support, nerve maintenance

Potassium – fluid balance, heart muscle control, nervous system function, blood pressure regulation

Riboflavin – metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein, red blood cell formation, cell respiration

Thiamin – carbohydrate metabolism, appetite regulation, nerve function support

Vitamin B6 – carbohydrate and protein metabolism, antibody and red blood cell formation


Hormone creation through the digestive process controls nearly all the processes in your body. The chemicals coordinate all the body functions from metabolism to growth and development, emotions, mood, sexual function and even sleep. Hormones actually control the process of digestion as well. Everything is interconnected. Hormones are the direct influencers on our metabolism and will help regulate whether your metabolic engine and how much energy is created.


How Daily Immunity Booster helps?

In the creation of Daily Immunity Booster, scientist discovered that the following ingredients helped in the creation of balanced hormones which resulted in a healthier immune system.

Iodine – thyroid gland support, metabolism support, energy production, cell respiration support

Manganese – bone growth support, sex hormone production, carbohydrate/cholesterol metabolism

Soybean Concentrate – promote the function of the Endocrine glands in producing hormones essential for good health

Vitamin D3 – helps communicate with other hormones and balance your hormones.

Wheat Germ Concentrate – promote the function of the Endocrine glands in producing hormones essential for good health


The immune system demands energy to work completely. If you don’t have enough energy, your immune system won’t work correctly. Energy fuels all aspects of your body’s internal functions, it repairs, builds and maintains cells and body tissues, and supports the external activities that you enjoy. If you have ever been sick or had a decrease in energy, you know how difficult it can be do participate in the activities you love. By providing your body proper nutrition, your body can produce the energy needed to stay healthy and participate in all the activities you desire.


How Daily Immunity Booster helps?

The following ingredients will help your body create energy to provide the fuel for it needs to maintain good health.

Magnesium – acid/alkaline balance, energy production, use of calcium, enzyme activation

Pantothenic Acid – energy production, vitamin utilization, nerve support

Rice bran fiber – for strengthening the immune system; for increasing energy and improving athletic performance

Vitamin A – growth and repair of body tissues, immune function support, vision support

Vitamin B12 – helps balance your hormones and create energy

Immune System

Here is where all the magic happens, as stated earlier the average person creates and destroys over 330 billion cells everyday. Your body is a war zone, which side is currently winning? The immune system, taken direction by hormones and using energy from your metabolism leads the battle. Every second of your life, your immune system is hunting down harmful or diseased cells and trying to repair or remove them. The healthy and repaired cells provide growth and tissue development which allow you to participate in the activities you enjoy. If the unhealthy cells aren’t taken care of they can produce serious problems such as chronic illnesses, blood disorders, and cancers. Signs your immune system might be weak or compromised are fatigue, inflammation, digestive issues, infections and many more health problems. A healthy immune system can literally be the difference between living a great life or having your life limited by poor health.


How Daily Immunity Booster helps?

The following ingredients were added to the formula to specifically support your immune function. The healthier the immune system the healthier you feel and the more of life you can enjoy.

Calcium – strong bone and teeth formation, support of muscle and nerve function, blood clotting

Choline – promotes liver function, enhances transport of nutrients throughout the body, supports brain and memory development

Copper – formation of red blood cells, bone growth, nervous system and immune system support

Iron – formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells, enhanced blood quality, stress and disease resistance

Lecithin – fat emulsifier, prevents cholesterol and other fats from sticking to cell and nerve linings, promotes heart health

Rice Bran Concentrate – Soybean Concentrate – supports healthy blood sugar levels and may lower cholesterol

Rice Protein – supplements the protein present in the diet


Antioxidants are the heroes of the immune system. Harmful and damaged cells that can’t be repaired can be eliminated through antioxidants. In addition, antioxidants can protect your healthy cells from free radicals that want to damage your cells and create problems. Free radicals are produced when your body breaks down unhealthy food or if you are exposed to harmful chemicals. Antioxidants attack and engulf these free radicals and eliminate them from the body.


How Daily Immunity Booster helps?

Daily Immunity Booster includes the following ingredients to help facilitate antioxidant growth and development.

Bioflavonoids – provide antioxidant protection, promote circulation function, strengthen capillary walls, support the immune system, enhance the benefits of vitamin C

L-Cysteine – amino acid, promotes detoxification, promotes production of antioxidants, protects against harmful toxins

Molybdenum – kidney and liver function support, protein metabolism, iron storage

Prune Concentrate – supports the elimination process

Trace Minerals Powder – trace amounts of 72 minerals which are designed to promote and enhance the benefits of the other minerals contained in the formula

Vitamin C – antioxidant protection, healthy bone formation, infection resistance, collagen support

Vitamin E – antioxidant protection, maintenance of heart, circulation, skin and nervous system


As you can see, the entire process from digestion, hormone and energy creation, to your immune system eliminating free radicals and harmful cells through antioxidants is an essential process you need to maintain good health. Daily Immunity Booster was formulated to supplement your diet to help support each of one of these essential processes. By filling in any gaps in your diet it can provide these systems with the nutrients it wouldn’t have received. Making Daily Immunity Booster part of your consistent every day diet can help you sustain good health. A healthy lifestyle is priceless. Daily Immunity Booster wants you to be able to go on the hike, play the extra 9 holes, minimize any sick days so you can live your best life.


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